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  World’s First and Largest Koala Sanctuary



Koala holding at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Guests can hold a koala at Lone Pine from 9:30am each day*. Koala holds take place in the designated holding area next to the Main Koala Exhibit, at the centre of the Sanctuary.

Photo tickets are sold at the Main Koala Exhibit. Photos start at $25 and include a high-resolution download. After the Lone Pine photographer has obtained the professional photo, guests are encouraged to take photos on their personal devices. For more information on photo products, click here.

Whilst we hope for all guests to have the opportunity to meet a koala, the holding of a koala cannot be guaranteed on any given day. Reasons for this may include:

 - Reduced number of handling koalas due to breeding season.
 - Weather events (e.g heatwaves or flooding).
 - Legal maximum koala handling time reached.
 - Koala's choice. We do not force interactions upon our koalas.

* Subject to availability. Click here for further information.