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Princess Parrot

Polytelis alexandrae

The princess parrots’ name is derived from its combination of beautiful ‘princess-like’ colours that include pale pinks and greens.  Males and females are similar in appearance.  They are also known as the Alexandra parrot or rose-throated parakeet.

It is a rare and highly nomadic inhabitant of inland Australia.  Its threats include habitat destruction altered fire regimes and competition for food with introduced herbivores. They eat a variety of seeds, flowers, fruit, leaf foliage and insects.

Elusive nomads
This species is nomadic, arriving in small groups to breed and then disappearing, sometimes up to decades at a time. Little is known about the habits of the Princess Parrot as few bird experts have been lucky enough to see it in the wild.

They are unusual among parrots as they engage in mobbing behaviour against predators such as the Australian Hobby.

A royal name
Also known as the Alexandra’s Parrot and Rose-throated Parakeet, this species was named in honour of Queen Alexandra when she was Princess of Wales.