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Terms & Conditions

  •       Ticket sales for our koala holding and Touch a Koala sessions go on sale approximately 15 minutes before each session time.
  •       There is a minimum height requirement of 130cm to hold a koala. For guests who meet the height requirement, it still remains up to the Wildlife Officers’ discretion as to whether a guest is able to hold a koala unassisted, to ensure the safety of our guests, handlers and koalas. If a guest is unable to hold a koala, a Touch a Koala experience can be arranged.
  • All koala experiences are subject to availability, to keep inline with the below legislation, and ensure the health and happiness of our koalas. 


Koala Handling Legislation

Under the Queensland Government Code of Practice of the Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria, the following conditions are placed on all koala handling interactions within the State of Queensland:

  •         All time that an individual koala is handled is to be recorded. Handling time includes any time when a koala is removed from its normal place of residence.
  •       The maximum period that an individual koala may be handled is 30 minutes a day.
  •       The maximum period that an individual koala may be handled is 180 minutes a week.
  •       An individual koala must not be handled more than 3 days consecutively before receiving a rest day.
  •       Only captive-bred koalas of suitable temperament are to be handled.
  •          Only fully weaned or independent koalas are to be handled.
  •       At absolutely no time is a female koala to be handled when it has pouch young or back young.

The health and wellbeing of our koalas is our utmost priority. Under no circumstances will our koalas be handled for a period longer than permitted, or placed in a situation which is detrimental to their welfare.

At all times that koalas are being handled, experienced Lone Pine Wildlife Officers are in attendance to ensure interactions are a safe and positive experience for guests and koalas. If at any time a koala shows signs that it would rather be eating or sleeping in its exhibit, it is returned to its place of residence immediately.