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Puppy Cam


Welcome to the pack

We have just welcomed two new dingo puppies to the Lone Pine family - one boy and one girl. At just nine weeks of age, these pups still have a lot of growing and learning to do, as they settle in to life at the sanctuary. The puppies were bred at the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary and Research Centre located in Victoria, Australia.


Dingoes at Lone Pine

Lone Pine has provided a home for dingoes since the 1980s. Our dingoes are raised in the company of other dingoes and their keepers, making them very friendly, sociable animals. They experience fantastic enrichment programs, including long daily walks throughout our 20-hectare property, to encounter new experiences, encourage natural behaviour, gain physical exercise, and stimulate the senses.

New Dingo Habitat

Our new exhibit (opened October 2018) was built to better reflect habitat complexity, both as an educational tool for guests, and mental and physical stimulation for dingoes. Space requirements for up to three dingoes is a minimum of 220m2 (NSW Standards for Exhibiting Animals). The new area exceeds this standard significantly, with the exhibit totalling 550m2.

The Dingo Habitat incorporates a high degree of structural complexity with large rocks, trees, undulations and hills, bodies of water, dens and hiding spaces, as well as numerous vantage points and multi-level traversing points.

Creating Connections

At Lone Pine, we want you to not just see Australia’s unique wildlife but meet and experience a true representation of the complex lives of every species in our care. By providing authentic experiences, we hope to inspire lasting connections between wildlife and our guests.

As an iconic Australian species, the chance to observe, meet and interact with a dingo is an exciting opportunity and privilege.You can enjoy the Dingo Habitat from the skywalk, observation windows or viewing tunnel, maximising the opportunity to not only get close to dingoes but encounter natural dingo behaviours. You may also be lucky enough to spot our dingoes on their daily walk, giving you the opportunity to meet them in person*.

*Daily walks will not include the puppies until they are fully-vaccinated and comfortable in their new environment.